Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Version 2 of Strokes Gained Putting Will Be in App Store this Month

Our first upgrade will be in the App Store soon, using the feedback of our users--YOU.  The following changes have been made:
  • Addition of "Three Putt Avoidance" stat.  Hank Haney says this is the most important of all putting stats, so we didn't want to leave it out. 
  • Changed the "Best SGP" from best ever to best in the last five rounds to better show continuing improvement.  After all, the objective is to improve your game with these stats.
  • Changed all the Summary Statistics from using the USGA formula of low ten of last 20 rounds to use the summary of the latest five rounds played, thereby to better show trends in your game.  The Handicap Index and Course Handicap will continue to use the low ten of last 20 rounds so will continue to be accurate (although not officially endorsed by USGA).   
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added several thousand more golf courses world-wide.
  • Hundreds of fixes for some inaccurate course data including Manly and Coastal in NSW Australia for which we have gotten good feedback and made the corrections.
  • A new server for the courses database so that Buffington Sports can directly upgrade the courses database without a required upgrade of the app.  We will now update the courses on a monthly basis.  Your feedback of corrections will be more quickly incorporated into the app.  With over 28,000 courses (and thus about 700,000 data entries) it is inevitable that the vendor needs our feedback. So let us know of any course changes needed. 
Ask your friends to download our free Strokes Gained Putting Mobile App for Apple devices. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Golf Courses Missing From the Database

Although we have 28,000 golf courses in our database from all over the globe, it seems we don't have every course!  We recently heard of two courses missing in Australia--Coast Golf Club and Manly Golf Club both in Little Bay, New South Wales, Australia.  The Coast Golf Club IS in the database but the Manly Bay is not; so not sure why Coast Golf Club did not work, but it comes up in the App  on Course Search so can be used that way.  We are already working on adding Manly Golf Club.  We appreciate your feedback, and are adding courses on a monthly basis routinely and as we hear about others.  So please continue to give us your feedback. 

The only reason the course being played is important in the app is to calculate the handicap index in advanced versions, to calculate score to par, and to know how many fairways are available to be hit.  The Strokes Gained Putting stats do not rely on any information related to the course being played.  (The App only needs the course being played for Par, Slope, Rating, and #  of Par 3's.  Hitting fairways is not calculated on par 3's, so knowing the number of par 3 holes is necessary)

Friday, February 26, 2016

Golf Course Database Update

The latest golf course database has been received. The Strokes Gained Putting Mobile APP will be updated with a new server in the next month and then will update courses on a monthly basis. All the remaining European, American and Asia countries with golf clubs have been added. See the list of new countries below:

 * Serbia * Ukraine * Belarus * Latvia * Lithuania * Estonia Asia * Kazakhstan * Uzbekistan * Kyrgyzstan * Pakistan * Lebanon * Israel * Jordan * Saudi Arabia * Oman * Qatar * Bahrain * Kuwait

South America: 
  * Uruguay * Paraguay * Bolivia * Peru * Ecuador * Colombia * Venezuela * Guyana * St. Vincent & the Grenadines * Trinidad & Tobago * Netherlands Antilles

All we have left to do to cover the whole golfing world are the remaining African countries

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Handicap Question

To IPSL Blog: Thanks for your affirmation this morning about the Strokes Gained Putting Mobile App. I'm glad you like it and it's doing you some good. You asked if you could monitor your Handicap using The SGP App. YES, you can monitor handicap in the upgrade to Premium (34 stats reported) or to the Golf Addiction Statistics version (55 stats reported). Each upgrade app reports on Course, Strokes Gained, Long Game, Short Game, Putting, AND Handicap. All three of our apps report the most important stat in golf--Pace of Play! Thanks for the great question, Dr. Buffington

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Adding New Courses to The 25,000 Course Database

To Jose: Thanks for this important question. Yes, new courses are continually added by our courses database vendor; and the database is maintained on our server and downloads to your device each time you start the app. This way the database can be updated without a new app version being submitted to Apple. It is not an over night process, but the vendor updates his file several times per month. When we are alerted of a missing course, we alert the vendor.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Strokes Gained Putting for the iPhone and iPad is available in the Apple Store

Our FREE Strokes Gained Putting Mobile App for iPhone is now in the Apple Store for installation on iPhone or iPad. Download now, and find out if you are the great putter we all fear. And please share with your friends. The SGP App will save data from all your rounds (and that of your team or competitors in the players database) and calculate averages in up to 53 important golf stats. Our vendor supplies over 20,000 golf courses world wide for your play. If your course isn't listed, or has an error, let us know and we will have it updated. We are working on an Android version.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Golf Addiction Statistics iOS Mobile Application Introduced

Golf Addiction Statistics Mobile App

Golf Statistic evaluation will improve your game.  The Golf Addiction Statistics Mobile App uses six data point entries per hole and outputs dozens of statistics.  This is the ONLY program that outputs Pace of Play, Short Game Stats, a proprietary Long Game Strokes Gained, and the new stat "Strokes Gained Putting" along with a Handicap Index using the standard formula.