Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Understanding the SGP Stat--Positive or Negative

The Strokes Gained Putting stat tells you just how many strokes you gained (or lost) by putting in your round.

A +SGP stat is strokes gained--you scored better because of putting.  A -SGP stat is strokes lost--you scored worse because of putting. 

If you have a +SGP number, you putted better than the pros would have done with your putts in that round.  We compare the distance of your first putt on each hole with the expected number of putts for the pros from that same distance.  If your SGP stat is +2.5, it means you gained (played better by) 2.5 strokes in your round.

We use millions of pro stats from the number of putts from every distance from 1 to 100 feet.  To have a +SGP for ANY round is VERY difficult since we are not as good at putting as the pros, AND we don't play on the same caliber of greens.  So I don't expect many of us to ever be +.

The best use of your SGP number is in comparing your progress over time, or comparing your number against others.  If I have an average SGP of -3.1 and you have -1.0 SGP, you are a better putter than I by 2.1 strokes per round.  If I am  -3.1 and you +1.0, you are a better putter than I by 4.1 strokes per round.

If your average SGP drops over time, you are improving your putting.

Another angle is if you shoot 85 and have a -3.0 SGP, you would have shot 82 if you putted as well as the pros.  If you shoot your record round of 75 with a +SGP of 4.0, you would have shot 79 with pro quality putting.

All SGP stats are compared to the pros, because they are the only source of the massive amounts of data necessary for the comparison database.

As an example of the database we use, it takes an average of 1.5 putts for the pros from 8 feet.  So if you have one putt from 8 feet, you gained 0.500 from the average.  If you have 2 putts from your 8 foot putt length, you lost 0.500 from the average.  

Do not worry about having a negative SGP.  Mostly we all will lose strokes to putting (have a -SGP).  Just compare your SGP number to your competitors and you will know why you are beating them!

My SGP app does all the work.  Just enter the first putt length and the number of putts for each hole.  Now you can know your putting ability with the SGP App.

Dr. Buff

SGP Back to full function.

The SGP App is fully functional again.  A failure of GPS function is now resolved. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Failure of Search Functon

Recently there has been a failure of the GPS search function of the app.  The following error message is received when opening the app.  "Locations fetch failed.  The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format."  And there is an "OK" button.  If there are previously saved Favorite courses, they are still in the database after selecting the "OK" button. 

We are working on repair of the search function that has failed.