Sunday, March 20, 2016

Golf Courses Missing From the Database

Although we have 28,000 golf courses in our database from all over the globe, it seems we don't have every course!  We recently heard of two courses missing in Australia--Coast Golf Club and Manly Golf Club both in Little Bay, New South Wales, Australia.  The Coast Golf Club IS in the database but the Manly Bay is not; so not sure why Coast Golf Club did not work, but it comes up in the App  on Course Search so can be used that way.  We are already working on adding Manly Golf Club.  We appreciate your feedback, and are adding courses on a monthly basis routinely and as we hear about others.  So please continue to give us your feedback. 

The only reason the course being played is important in the app is to calculate the handicap index in advanced versions, to calculate score to par, and to know how many fairways are available to be hit.  The Strokes Gained Putting stats do not rely on any information related to the course being played.  (The App only needs the course being played for Par, Slope, Rating, and #  of Par 3's.  Hitting fairways is not calculated on par 3's, so knowing the number of par 3 holes is necessary)